Why “Parchments”


“When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, and my scrolls, especially the parchments”

(II Timothy 4:13, NIV).

Imprisoned, Paul made a request for some items that would make his time more productive.  The “cloak” was very similar to a poncho, a large sleeveless, woolen garment made of a single piece of heavy material with a hole in the middle allowing the head to pass through.  It would have provided excellent protection against the damp cold of a dungeon during winter.

The “scrolls” and “the parchments” were study and writing materials.  Paul desired his personal notes and the ability to duplicate them as he wrote letters to churches and individuals.

After three decades of fulltime ministry, I am gathering my own scrolls and parchments for the purpose of passing them on to others involved in ministry.  My personal notes have been a major comfort to me over the years, and I pray they will bless others as well.

For 37 years I have served as a Teaching Minister for churches in five states.  My ministry has called me to speak in over thirty states and in the Republic of South Africa.  I have seen my ministry serve as an instrument of resource and encouragement to others.

As Christians, we take notes of our journey “home,” notes we hope will bless family and friends.  Like Paul, I see the “end game” before me.  My children are adults, and there are now grandchildren.  I’ve asked myself what I want to leave them, and what can I want to leave fellow ministers who have decided to answer the call of overwhelming expectations in a dying culture?  This web site is part of what I have chosen to leave behind.

In the summer of 1996, much of my library and personal study notes were destroyed in a flood in Western Pennsylvania.  It was my decision, then, that I needed to work on preserving materials that survived. 

Bring The Parchments is a ministry dedicated to providing disciples with resources.  This ministry is offering downloadable messages, articles, sermons and class materials which we pray will be of assistance for your journey.  It is my passion and purpose to help disciples with study materials that reflect a profound respect for God’s word as it is applied to our daily lives.  


James E. Chilton
Teaching Minister